San Diego Yarn Crawl Tote 2019

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Commemorative tote bag for the 2019 San Diego Yarn Crawl.  The bag is made from 6 oz 100% cotton sheeting that is 100% recyclable, reusable and washable. It is a flat bag that is 15" x 16" with fabric handles and our fun Yarn Crawl design.  The design has been created so you can add the pins you receive from each of the shops you stop at during the crawl!

Pre-Order your bag today and pick it up from the Yarnover Truck during the crawl.  These will typically sell out so get yours early! When you place your order, please let us know which shop you will be visiting us at during the crawl to pick up your bag.  Here's our schedule for the 2019 Crawl:

Thursday 9/12: Needlecraft Cottage (9-6)
Friday 9/13: Alpacas of San Diego (9-6)
Saturday 9/14: Apricot Yarn & Supply (9-6)
Sunday 9/15:  The Black Sheep (10-4)

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