Maker's Hand Relief in Unscented from Elderwood Apothecary

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Maker's Hand Relief in Unscented from Elderwood Apothecary. Bring relief to those hard working hands of yours. Maker's Hand Relief is hand crafted with organic and pesticide-free ingredients. No artificial or unpronounceable ingredients are used in these products. This balm can help to repair that dry cracked skin and help to mend those hangnails. Restoring the health of your skin and your hands.

This hand crafted balm is formulated to moisturize and provide healing nourishment to your skin without leaving your hands feeling oily. So apply this balm, rub it in, and then pick back up your knitting or crochet hand work or your tools knowing you've taken a simple step in taking care of your hands.

Merrie W. 29-03-2021 16:09

Love this stuff! It keeps my hands moist and smooth even while working with fibers and textiles. I highly recommend it to you!

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