Give A Skein

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The Yarnover Truck fees that everyone who wants it, should be able to take comfort in working with yarn during this stressful time! We know the value of yarn crafting and want to share this with all who want to partake! 

We also know that not everyone has extra funds to buy yarn. That's why we've created this option. To donate a skein for us to give, please choose this item.  If you want to help cover shipping costs, that's great but it not, please choose Curbside Pick-up when you check out so you won't be charged for shipping!

If you have someone in mind for us to send the yarn skein to, please be sure to include that person's name and address in the comments section. 

Wendy S. 20-05-2020 12:27

I'm happy to help my fellow Knitters get through this difficult time. Thanks for helping me do that!

Tracy D. 19-05-2020 21:00

This is wonderful! As I am working without fear of being layoff, it was so nice to be able to extend a kindness to someone who may be in a vulnerable situation right now and a simple skein of yarn may help take their mind off of concerns. Thank you for taking the time to update the site and do all the associated things that go along with this. Have a great day.

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