Silver Lining Silk Scarf from Oink Pigments

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Silver Lining Silk Scarf from Oink Pigments is a 100% silk scarf hand-dyed to match this hand-dyed colorway.  The circle scarf is made from 100% Habotai Silk and is 21″W x 72″ around. The scarf is made in China, Hand-dyed in the USA by Oink Pigments.

This scarf will make a wonderful gift just as it is, or a knitted or crocheted border can be added to make it even more special and unique. 

Please Note - this item is part of one of our Maker Packs so the quantity in stock might not be correct.  If you are interested in this item but it shows 0 in stock, please email [email protected] and we can let you know if we have one to sell. 

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