Dr. Who Themed Stitch Marker Bracelet for Crochet

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Dr. Who Themed Stitch Marker Bracelet for Crochet from The Sexy Knitter helps you show your love for this classic TV Series! This set of 15 markers with a lobster claw attached to use in all your crochet project. These charms have a beautiful black antique patina over all the etched details. The TARDIS is blue!! Included are 1 each of: key, the Doctor's scarf, wolf, motorcycle, cowboy hat, gas mask, letter, teacup, Saturn, bow tie, infinity sign, blue TARDIS, a pocket watch, and weeping angel wings.

This set also includes a silver wire bracelet, which allows you to wear your markers in style while still retaining easy access to your markers. When you're ready to use one, simply unhook the bracelet, slide off a marker, and you're ready to mark your place!  These bracelets are costume jewelry and should be treated with care. It is recommended that you avoid prolonged contact with water while wearing.

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