Jasmine on Merino 17 Worsted from Western Sky Knits

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Jasmine on Merino 17 from Western Sky Knits is an ultrafine superwash merino with a 17 Micron count. It's extra soft. If you're unfamiliar with Microns, it's the measurement used to describe the diameter of a wool fiber. The smaller the Micron measurement, the finer and softer the wool. Average merino wool is about 21.5 Microns and this is 17, which makes it feel like it will feel more like knitting with a cashmere blend than just 100% merino wool! It is prefect for quick projects that you want to feel amazing!

Weight - Worsted (9 wpi)
Yardage - 210 yards (192 meters)
Unit weight - 115 grams (4.06 ounces)
Fibers - 100% Merino

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