The Sexy Knitter Crochet Tool Tin

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The Sexy Knitter Crochet Tool Tin is the perfect thing to take with you from project bag to project bag.  It holds all the tools you might need for just about any knitted project in a metal tin with a custom Yarnover Truck label.  Each kits contains the following:

• Black metal tin (silver inside) measuring 3 3/4 in/9.38 cm long, 2 3/8 in/5.95 cm wide, 3/4 in/1.88 cm deep

• Yarnover Truck Retractable measuring tape – measures up to 60 in/150 cm

• 5 handmade, folded paper star crochet stitch markers on lobster clasps

• Miniature scissors measuring approximately 1 3/4 in/4.5 cm tall.  They are extremely sharp and will cut through any yarn.

• Stitch holder measuring 2 1/2 in/6.25 cm long

• Double ended crochet hook measuring 2 1/2 in/6.25 cm long

• 3 needles stored on a magnetic strip in the lid - large eyed blunt needle, large eyed sharp needle, and sewing needle.

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